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European Style Kitchen Cabinets

We specialize in European Style cabinets. The difference between European and American (or Framed) Style is in the construction. American Style uses a face-frame on the front of the cabinet, which is visible because the doors are smaller than the outer frame (see the illustration below).

European Style doors lie flush, with a tight 1/8 inch gap between each other. The gap between drawers is equally tight. So it has an overall cleaner look. Without a face-frame, the construction of side walls is generally sturdier with European Style.

It's also a bit more functional because there is no face-frame obstructing access to the interior of the cabinet. This is especially noticeable when there are two cabinets next to each other with
facing doors.

With American Style, the face-frame will have a center post (see the illustration below). This does not give you open access like you have with European.

The difference is primarily structural, but there is also a cosmetic difference (around doors and drawers). Notice the tight tolerance between doors in the European photo below. Keep in mind the doors don't have to be plain. In that sense, they can be any style. We're just talking about the way they fit together.

Call us if you have questions. We hope to be your first choice for custom made European Style cabinets in the greater San Antonio and Austin Texas area.

European Style Graphic

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